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In English

Gastropub Tuulensuu

Gastropub Tuulensuu is a cosy beer, wine and food restaurant next to park Hämeenpuisto in Tampere. Our location, soft music, nice atmosphere and professional service are all aimed to please all the customers who appreciate quality and pleasures of life.

Our Menu

Our Menu



Roasted Almonds OR Garlic Olives

Gageleer Blond / Cruz Conde Fortemar  3.50                                                  


Pickled Veggies                                      3.50

Tsjeeses Reseva / Schneider Riesling Lieblich


Bread &  Le Beurre Gall Butter           4.00

Früh Kölsch / Autreau 1er Cru Champagne


Country style Potatoes, Garlic Mayonnaise & curry-tomato dip                                   5.50

Stella Artois / Flors Cava Reserva


Deer Carpaccio & Genever-vinegret    7.50                  

Vichtenaar Sour  / Cruz Conde Cream Sherry                 


Goats Cheese, Honey & Date                7.50

Victoria Ale / Cruz Conde Naranja


Creamy Forest Mushroom Soup 8.50/13.50

Aestatis Reserva / Cruz Conde Fino Sherry


Wine plate: marinated Zuccini,

Gouda, Brie, Garlic Olives & Bread         9.50

Leffe Brune / Jakob Schneider Dornfelder


Beer plate: Gouda, Emmental, Salami, Pickled Cucumber, Dijon mustard & bread          9.50

Westmalle Tripel / Sans Air Syrah


Bratwurst & Sauerkraut                     10.50

Augustiner Hell / Schneider Riesling Trocken


Pelmenis (beef) & Smetana

Spaten Hell  / Vodka                              10.50


Pelmenis (potato & mushroom) & Smetana

Spaten Hell  / Vodka                              10.50


Escargots in creamy Dijon mustard sauce with Parmeggiano Cheese                     13.50

Delirium Tremens/Muhlberger Gewürztraminer


Cheese Pie & Salad                                13.50                                       Palm Specialé / Passavant Anjou Rouge


Steak Sandwich                                  13.50                                             

Paranoia IPA / Campillo Rioja Reserva  


Mussels in White Wine OR Weissbier, Bread 17.50 (500g) / 34.50 (1kg)

Franziskaner Weissbier / M. Thomas Sancerre


Beer/wine recommendations are not included. Allrgies?…please contact the staff!



Currywurst & Fries                             13.50       König Pils / Schneider Riesling Halbtrocken


Greek Salad & Tzaziki                       15.50

Corona / Jakob Schneider Silvaner


Gratinated Chicken Sandwich&Salad 18.50

Leffe Blond / Von Winning Sauvignon Blanc


Grilled Salad, Broad Beans with Sage & Romesco Sauce                                        18.50

Palm Speciale / Jakob Schneider Rosé


Roasted Pork Neck, Grilled Salad, Creamy Potatoes with Cheese & Dijon Sauce  19.50                              

Trappist Chimay Rouge /Bourgogne Pinot Noir


Flounder Gratinated with Parmeggiano Cheese, Cauliflower, Salad & Bread   19.50

Riegele Privat / Jakob Schneider Chardonnay


Schnitzel & Fries                                19.50

+ creamy forest mushroom sauce 3€

König Pils / Jakob Schneider Dornfelder


Lamb Meatballs in Beer Sauce & Creamy Potaoes with Cheese                              19.50

Westmalle Dubbel / Sans Air Syrah


Beef Steak Café de Paris & Fries OR Salad        

Paranoia IPA / Passavant Anjou Rouge 19.50


Moose Meat Carbonnade a’la Flamande (Belgian style Beer & Meat Stew), Fries & Mayo 24.50    

Delirium Tremens / Campillo Rioja Reserva   


Fried Frog Legs, Salad & Creamy Potatoes with Cheese                                        24.50

Hoegaarden / Beguet-Mathiot Chablis



Cheese plate & Fig Jam                       8.50

Trappist Rochefort 8  / Pineau des Charentes


Chocolate Brownie & Rhubarb Jam

Lindemans Kriek / Graham’s LBV Port   5.50


Pear & Aplle Crumble, Ice Cream        6.50 Lindemans Apple / Calvados Domfrontais


Nutella Crepes & Ice Cream                 6.50           Lindemans Framboise / Cruz Conde Naranja