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Gastropub Tuulensuu

Gastropub Tuulensuu

Gastropub Tuulensuu is a cosy beer, wine and food restaurant next to park Hämeenpuisto in Tampere.

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Our location, soft music, nice atmosphere and professional service are all aimed to please all the customers who appreciate quality and pleasures of life.




Roasted almonds OR Marinated olives OR Salted Radishes 3.50
Poperings Hommelbier / Lustau Manzanilla

Baguette with Le Beurre Gall butter 3.50
Lindemans Lambik / Mirabeau en Provence Rosé

Country style potato wedges 4.50
Garlic mayonnaise and cold curry and tomato sauce
Chimay Dorée / Tutusaus Bivac

Herring Tartar with mushroom compote 7.50
Het Nest Poker Face / Klaus Böhme Weissburgunder

Leberkäsebagel 7.50
Oktoberfestbier / Schloss Proschwitz Weissburgunder

Jerusalem artichoke soup with bread 5.50/9.50
Nordic IPA / Champagne Pannier Brut

Wine plate, marinated zucchini, gouda, Brie, olives & bread 9.50
Vicaris Quinto / Els Vinyerons Tempranillo-Grenache

Beer plate, gouda, emmental, salami, pickled cucumber & bread 9.50
Vliet Spelt / Wildwein Rot

Currywurst with Fries 9.50
Weihenstephaner Hefe-Weiss / Lidy Riesling Trocken

Parmesan gratinated Porttobello, pesto & creamy sauce, bread 12.50
Bellevaux T.P.A / Wolf Kerner Feinherb

Parmesan gratinated escargots with cream & Dijon mustard sauce 12.50
Kanunnik Tripel / Schoffit Gewürztraminer

Cheese pie with salad 12.50
Brouwerij´t Kroontje Rebelle / Favaro Erbaluce

Bratwurst with Sauerkraut 12.50
Pinkus Muller Altbier / Dautel Riesling

Anchovy and potato Omelette with bread 13.50
Passe-Partout Sessio IPA / Max Müller Silvaner

Steak Sandwich 13.50
La Formidabel / Sonnenhof Trollinger

Mussels in white wine OR witbier
16.50 (350g) / 32.50 (1kg)
Augustiner Weissbier / Lidy Riesling Trocken



Gratinated chicken sandwich, salad 17.50
Baptist Blond / Klaus Böhme Gutedel

Schnitzel with fries 17.50
König Pils / Ott Am Berg Grüner Veltliner

Francesinha, portugalian style toast with meat, tomato-beer sauce and fries
De Dochter Noblesse / Saltamarti Tinto 17.50

Gratinated cauliflower and mushrooms, bread 17.50
Legia Blonde / Favaro Erbaluce

Lamb meatballs in Lambic sauce, creamy goat’s cheese potatoes 18.50
Westmalle Dubbel / Morellino di Scansano

Carbonade Flamande 18.50
Ename Pater Blond / Valmoissine Pinot Noir

Halloumi cheese salad, oven baked beetroots and cardamom flavoured yogurt sauce 18.50 Legia Saison / Lûtzkendorf Hohe GräteWeissburgunder

Fried liver of lamb, mashed root vegetables with Dijon mustard & baked beetroots 20.50
Landlord Pale Ale / La Misse Chianti Classico

Smoked pork neck, fried potatoes,sauerkraut & Lambic sauce 19.50
Schlenkerla Märzen / Domaine Bonnardot Pinot Noir Hautes Côtes du Beune

Rabbit Confit, braised red cabbage & potato gnocchies 25.50
Fest-Märzenbier / Klaus Böhme Frühburgunder

Fried frog legs, spicy cabbage salad & creamy goat‘s cheese potatoes 25.50
Vedett Session IPA / Jean Collet Chablis



Selection of cheeses, fig compote 6.50
Trappist Westmalle Tripel / MacVin du Jura

Chocolate Fondant 5.50
Lindemans Framboise / Osborne LBV Port

Pear and apple Crumble, ice cream 5.50
Mazurskie Míod Pitny -sima / Pommeau de Normandie

Lemon sorbet & Absinthe 6.50
Legia Fruitee / Absinthe