to 29.06.2017
Jere´s Pub Quiz
pe 30.06.2017
Wasted - Dj Set
la 01.07.2017
Pub Disco - Dj Jere Dangerous
pe 07.07.2017
Dj Vivian Anger
la 08.07.2017
Dj Polarsoul
pe 21.07.2017
Club Dub-A-Go-Go - Dj Balttikoira


ma 26.06.2017
RoPS - Ilves
ti 27.06.2017
U21 EM: England - Germany
ti 27.06.2017
U21 EM: Spain - Italy
ke 28.06.2017
Confederations Cup
to 29.06.2017 - pe 30.06.2017
PS Kemi - RoPS
pe 07.07.2017
IFK Mariehamn - Ilves


Summertime, and the livin’ is easy…

It seems spring is finally in full swing in Finland which means we’re on our way to summer, holidays and sun! For Gastropub Soho, this naturally means that our popular

A few words about our coffee…

Our customers ask about our coffee every now and then so we decided to post this article telling you a little bit more about the coffee we sell. Café Caracol

The Day of Gastropubs

On Monday, October 10th, 2016, we will host The Day of Gastropubs! As a thank you to our customers, we will have an all day long offer on all our food

About time for a brand new lunch!

Slowly but steadily, summer is behind us but no worries ’cos that means Soho’s lunch will return! From August 29th (that’s in one week, yes) we will serve you a


Otavalankatu 10, Tampere
Phone: (03) 212 2336
gastropub.soho (at)


Mon – Fri: 15 – 02

Sat: 12 – 02

Sun: 15 – 02

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