ma 28.09.2020
Idan ja Santerin ruokavisa
to 01.10.2020
Jeren Pubivisa
pe 02.10.2020
Klub Tidsmaskin 2008 - Dj Antti
la 03.10.2020
Yo! Soho UK Raps! - Dj White Cousin
to 08.10.2020
Jeren Pubivisa
pe 09.10.2020
Pub Disco - Dj Jere Dangerous
to 15.10.2020
Jeren Pubivisa
to 22.10.2020
Jeren Pubivisa
to 29.10.2020
Jeren Pubivisa


ma 28.09.2020
Fulham - Aston Villa
ma 28.09.2020
Liverpool - Arsenal


Take-away’s still going strong!

Hi all! As we all know, the world has gone through some difficult times with the pandemic and will continue to go through them for some time. For the past

Fresh fish from Pyhäjärvi

Hello everyone! Recently, we decided to add more local food into our ingredients we use to make our famous dishes. This particular addition concerns our Fish n’ Chips dish, which

The ethics of eating at Gastropub Soho

Hello, dear customers! As we all know, awareness and ethics in food consumption is hardly a new topic but all the while, a massively important one.  While making choices about the

Big Up! Reggae Fridays

Gastropub Soho presents Big Up! Reggae Fridays. Approximately every second friday our pub goes reggae. We have drinks, food and good company, and now we add some jamaican style seasonings

Soho goes Russia!

One of the best times in a sports fan’s life draws near as the World Cup of football kicks off in just a week’s time. As expected, and quite frankly

Enjoy lunch all summer long at Soho!

As we’re approaching summertime and warmer weathers, it’s about time we update you all on our lunch timetables. Usually, as we adjust our opening hours during summer months, we also



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